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SURARO Enterprises  realizes the potential of Water-Jet Cutting and the impact it has on the machining sector. SURARO has set foot in several avenues and continues to re-invent itself resulting in an ever-expanding industry focus.

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Medical Equipments

Logos & Signs


Marine / Shipyard



Glass Architecture



Industrial Parts

Gaskets / seals


Paper cutting

Composite cutting

Pipe railing industry


Machinery Parts

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The use of WATER-JET increases the efficiency several fold, making it extremely economical to use:Nesting partsStacking up material Narrow kerf width (nozzle cut width) Streamlined programming software Minimal tooling, fixturing and set-up times during production Easily saved & recycled scrap / remnant material.

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In Water-Jet, Nesting parts is a technique of tightly organizing, rearranging or locating 2D (Two Dimensional) parts in a single plane on one sheet of material. This is a form of arranging and rotating parts in such a way that they occupy the least amount of space in relation to each other so that the most number of parts with a given quantity will subsequently fit the least amount of material.

Water jet

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76/A1, 11th Street, SIDCO Industrial
Estate North Phase, Pattravakkam, Ambattur,
Chennai - 600098. Tamil Nadu. India.

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